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Refresh Dark Dry Shampoo 1.2oz

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An instantly refreshing talc-free powder for darker hair shades to absorb oil, boost volume and keep hair refreshed between washes. A less-is-more formula that gives hair everything it needs to stay invigorated. Now with an innovative powder sprayer for easy application. Scroll down for application tips & tricks.
  • GLACIAL MARINE CLAY: Also known as Sea Silt, this rich clay from ancient coastal deposits in British Columbia adds beneficial vitamins and minerals to hair and scalp while absorbing oil.

  • ORGANIC ARROWROOT POWDER: Absorbs oil to mattify greasy hair and add volume.

  • ORGANIC RAW CACAO POWDER: Blends powder seamlessly into darker hair shades.

  • SCENT PROFILE: ORGANIC ROSE GERANIUM AND PALMAROSA ESSENTIAL OILS: Infuses a fresh rose scent inspired by sun-kissed days at the beach.

For after a workout, before a night out, first thing in the morning, or anytime throughout the day hair could use a refresh.

Apply to dry hair directly at the roots, focusing on the oily spots. Massage and blend with fingers. Use 2-3 times per week as needed, or at any time to boost volume.

Tips & Tricks: 

Our innovative powder sprayer was created for the convenience of aerosol without the chemical propellants.

Every now and then you may need to clear the pump of powder. You can do so by shaking before use and tamping the bottle down on a hard surface. Be sure you are pressing down firmly, powder should come out enough to see in your hand.