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Crystal Astrology for Modern Life

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Harness the energy of the stars with the healing power of crystals to create a deeper connection with yourself for a confident, empowered, high-vibe life. Your astro-crystal journey starts here! 

  • Sagittarius:  Wild, wise, unsinkable
  • Capricorn: Responsible, accomplished, empowered 
  • Aquarius:  Curious, innovative, humanitarian 
  • Libra:  Breezy, graceful, intelligent 
  • Virgo:  Sensible, devoted, subtle 
  • Aries:  Essential, vibrant, playful 
  • Scorpio:  Deep, passionate, perceptive
  • Taurus:  Steady, lush, sensual
  • Pisces: Glimmering, gossamer, compassionate 
  • Gemini:  Sparkling, lively, quick-witted 
  • Leo: Big-hearted, fun-loving, courageous