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Manifest Your Power

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An introduction to manifesting through using vision boards, affirmations and other techniques, Manifest Your Power shows readers how to get started on their manifestation journey and how to make it a success. Whether you're looking to expand your spiritual knowledge, dip your toe in the water with manifesting, or make some positive changes to your life and the world around you, Manifest Your Power will give you all the tools you need.

Once you begin your journey and start manifesting the things you want, you'll realize that the power lies with you. This step-by-step guide, with practical activities and suggestions, will help you make sense of it all and could change your life. You'll discover the power of affirmations, and you'll learn how to use other techniques such as scripting, meditation and visualization to work towards your goals.

Manifesting is a gift which will enhance your life: it doesn't matter what you want, from material things to spiritual gifts (like inner strength, balance and renewal), it's all there for the taking - all you need is a little imagination, focus and persistence.