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Multipurpose Cleaner - Fresh Linen

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Our natural, plant-based multipurpose spray provides a powerful clean to tackle messes in a stylish reusable bottle. Elevate your everyday chores with our L’AVANT Collective Fresh Linen scent, a signature natural blend made with essential oils.  

Created for many types of non-porous surfaces:

  • counters
  • stone
  • tile
  • glass
  • wood
  • stainless steel
  • marble

16 Fl oz.

Don't forget to get the Multipurpose Concentrate Refill for when your bottle runs out!   

Our recycled plastic bottles are perfectly imperfect.  Feel inspired knowing the inconsistencies you may notice in your bottle are due to the fact that these were made from recycled plastic! In addition, it is normal for our plant-based ingredient formulas to appear cloudy. Rest assured, it will not impact the  performance of our products.