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No. 03 Nightcap Candle

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A moody scent for evening with a lingering, luxurious depth. Sandalwood and smoke evoke a seductive ambiance; a tempting invitation to enjoy.

NIGHTCAP in the evening when you’re looking to set a luxurious scene. This comforting scent is the first thing you look forward to as soon as you walk in the door, the weight of the day melting off your shoulders as you take a deep breath. NIGHTCAP lingers in a lovely way through a dinner party or while you’re taking time for yourself–a scent to help you lose track of time, and a reminder to always use the good stuff, even for those who wouldn’t know the difference. 

This warm combination of sandalwood, smoke, ylang, oud, and musk is all about enjoyment–an invitation to use the little indulgences you’ve kept stowed away like a secret. The moment you’ve been waiting for is now.

  • TOP NOTES: Citron, amber, cade
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Cyclamen, ylang, jasmine
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, oud, musk