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Textured Sea Salt Spray 4oz

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A lightweight, texturizing spray for effortless hair waves and beautiful, untamed style. Gives hair volume and body with a refreshing mist of sea salt, aloe, and seaweed without ever weighing it down or making it stiff.

  • ANCIENT SEA SALT: Carefully sourced from ancient sea salt deposits in Utah to add texture, body and gentle waves to hair.
  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA: Grown in the desert landscape of Southern California, aloe vera heroically hydrates and gives hair light natural hold.
  • ORGANIC SEAWEED: ATLANTIC WAKAME, OARWEED, BLADDERWRACK, ROCKWEED, PORPHYRA UMBILICALIS ATLANTIC NORI: Grown in the wild waters of Maine to nourish both hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Active Essential Oil Blend: Organic Rose Geranium and Palmarosa Essential Oils: These rich oils deliver a fresh rose scent inspired by sun-kissed days at the beach.

Use on damp or dry hair. Spray evenly from roots to ends. Scrunch for a beach-inspired, effortless look - or style as desired.

For extra texture, spray on freshly wet hair before air-drying to add body to strands. Apply one more generous spray once hair has dried for added moisture and a lasting lift and hold. For overnight use, spray hair before braiding, and style the next morning upon removing braid.