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The Comfortable Kitchen x All Good Things Gift Set

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We have partnered with Alex Snodgrass, creator of The Defined Dish and The Comfortable Kitchen, to create the perfect gift box for that person you want to celebrate. Whether it's a new home, a graduation, a birthday, or just because - this is your new go-to gift!

 What’s Included:

  • Signed copy of The Comfortable Kitchen: 105 Laid-Back, Healthy, and Wholesome Recipes (A Defined Dish Book) 
  • Graza “Drizzle” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500mL
    • Like a sprinkle of flaky salt or the squeeze of a good condiment, Drizzle adds a big pop of flavor right before you dig in. (That’s why it’s called a finishing oil!) Drizzle’s flavors are sensitive, though, so keep it off the heat.
    • Grown and processed from native Picual olives in Jaen, Spain. Harvested in October, before the olives have ripened fully. Picked by hand because young olives need a firm yank to loosen up. Luckily their stubbornness only makes us love them more.
  • Pineapple Collaborative The Salt, 3oz.
    • Produced in partnership with Sarela Herrada of SIMPLi and Yolanda Acurio Mendoza of the women-run co-op Comunidad Salinera de Maras, this blush pink salt from ponds high in the Peruvian Andes is harvested by hand to retain superior mineral content. Its mild taste and medium grind size – between fine kosher salt and crunchy finishing salt – make The Salt a versatile addition to any pantry, enhancing the flavors of all your favorite dishes.
    • If there’s one piece of culinary advice we can offer, it’s salt to taste – literally. Salt not only adds its own flavor, but also balances and enhances the flavors it encounters. From sun-ripened tomatoes to fudgy espresso brownies, juicy roast chicken to jammy, soft boiled eggs, The Salt lets just about every ingredient shine in a new light.