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  1. Space Cadet Birthday Card
  2. Skateboard Girl Birthday Card
  3. To My Favorite Card
  4. The Adventure Continues Card
  5. HBD Balloons Card
  6. Jolly Good Fellow Card
  7. Growing Up Is Optional Card
  8. Ring the Fire Department Card
  9. May All Your Wishes Come True Card
  10. Turning 1 Year Bolder Card
  11. Forever Young Card
  12. Magical Happy Birthday Card
  13. Birthday Love Card
  14. The Florist Called Greeting Card
  15. Greatest Guy Around Birthday Card
  16. Party Cheetah Birthday Card
  17. Old and Hot Card
  18. It's Party Time Card
  19. Traditional Happy Birthday Card
  20. Disco Glam Card
  21. Around the Sun Card
  22. Zebra Cake Card
  23. Roller Skates Birthday Card
  24. Celebrating You Is My Fave Card