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  1. Easy to Celebrate Card
  2. Adventure Card
  3. Our Favorite Guy Card
  4. Skateboard Girl Birthday Card
  5. Stars Align Card
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  6. Someone I Love was Born Today Card
  7. It's Party Time Card
  8. Snail Umbrella Card
  9. Pour Choices Card
  10. Birthday Poodle Card
  11. Shrug Lady Card
  12. Leopard Birthday Card
  13. Keep Blooming Card
  14. Oasis Birthday Card
  15. Electric Moonrise Birthday Card
  16. Astrological Ladies - Birthday Card
  17. Traditional Happy Birthday Card
  18. Zebra Cake Card
  19. Garden Wishes Card
  20. Birthday Pardner Card
  21. A Balloon Card
  22. Party Hat Cat Card
  23. Over the Hill Card
  24. Truly Amazing Friend Birthday Card
  25. Aged to Perfection Card