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  1. You're the Best Card
  2. Elephant Love Card
  3. It's Party Time Card
  4. Snail Umbrella Card
  5. Grows and Grows Card
  6. You're Shining Card
  7. Cheers to the Couple Card
  8. Funny Valentine Dog Card
  9. Lounging Dogs Card
  10. Birthday Poodle Card
  11. Little Things Thank You Card
  12. Leopard Birthday Card
  13. Vintage Floral Birthday Card
  14. In the Shade Card
  15. Groovy Love Card
  16. Full Bloom Birthday Card
  17. Disco Dance Birthday Card
  18. Astrological Ladies - Birthday Card
  19. Beach Lovers Card
  20. Love Noir Card
  21. Traditional Happy Birthday Card
  22. Nice Kitty Card