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  1. Snail Umbrella Card
  2. Birthday I'll Never Forget Card
  3. Magical Happy Birthday Card
  4. Hooray! It's your Birthday Card
  5. You're the Best Card
  6. You're Shining Card
  7. Feel Better Botanical
  8. Traditional Deepest Sympathy Card
  9. Engaged? That Rocks. Card
  10. Every Ounce of My Love Card
  11. Better Than the Last Card
  12. She Said Yes Card
  13. You're Getting Married Card
  14. I Am Fine Really Card
  15. This Day Card
  16. So Sorry Card
  17. Thoughts and Prayers Card
  18. Raddest and Baddest Card
  19. I'd Choose You Card
  20. So Far, So Good Anniversary Card
  21. Being Around Card
  22. Sappy Songs Card
  23. Thanks Times A Million Bajillion Card
  24. Lucky Stars Card