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  1. Make My Day Card
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  2. Fungi Card
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  3. Endless Gratitude Card
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  4. Citrus-ly Great Card
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  5. Brew It Card
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  6. On My Heart Card
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  7. Happy Anniversary, Black Card
  8. You're Stuck with Me Card
  9. Petunia Card
  10. Woodland Critters Card
  11. Our Love Only Grows Card
  12. Love Cake Card
  13. Lucky Dice Card
  14. Little Flowers Card
  15. Little Suns Card
  16. Dang Card
  17. Candlelit Cheers Card
  18. Pawsitive Vibes Card
  19. Mermaid Card
  20. Love Grow Card
  21. Holy Smokes Card
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  22. Comfort + Peace Card
  23. Cake Day Card
  24. Biggest Fan Card
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  25. Best-Tea Card