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  1. Dragon Vase Card
  2. I So Appreciate You Card
  3. Can't Thank You Enough Card
  4. I Hear You Have News Card
  5. Fortune Teller Card
  6. Pieces Encouragement Card
  7. Bouquet in Blue Card
  8. Yellow Stripes Congrats Card
  9. Small and Mighty Card
  10. Laying Down Some Roots Paper Clip Card
  11. Can-Can Card
  12. You Are Home Card
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  13. Key Congrats Card
  14. This Calls for Bubbly Paper Clip Card
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  15. Far Out Birthday Card
  16. Many Moons Card
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  17. Old and Hot Card
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  18. Ant-icipating A Great Year Card
  19. You Shine Birthday Card
  20. It's Oh-fish-al, You're Old Card
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  21. Oasis Birthday Card
  22. Electric Moonrise Birthday Card
  23. Astrological Ladies - Birthday Card
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  24. Traditional Happy Birthday Card
  25. Zebra Cake Card