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No. 06 Solstice Candle

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Sunkissed rays dance through open windows, casting a golden glow. Notes of jasmine, cedarwood, and heliotrope flower blend to embrace the essence of joyful summer days spent basking in the warmth of home.

Uplifting, nostalgic, and warm, SOLSTICE is a lovely late afternoon scent to light when the sun slips behind the horizon. This fresh combination of jasmine, neroli leaves, blood orange, and lavender is complemented by a comforting base of rich cedarwood; capturing the essence of being exactly where you should be–when you feel the happiest in your home.


Top Notes: Heliotrope flower, blood orange, lavender

Middle Notes: Jasmine, oakmoss, neroli leaves

Base Notes: Cedarwood, amber

Light SOLSTICE during golden hour when the dappled light from the late afternoon sun comes streaming in through the windows, and all the doors are open to a warm summer breeze.